Achieving Clarity Coaching Package:

The Path to Building a
Mindful Life and Career

Is your career on autopilot or (worse) has it unfolded accidentally?

If so, we can help. Through this package, renowned executive career coach – and MCB co-founder - Kathy Simmons will help you figure out what you really want out of your career and create a plan to get there.

The process begins with a strengths assessment focused on your skills, values and career interests.

From there you will have a one-hour coaching session with Kathy to explore your results and discuss:

What the results mean to you in terms of building the life you want

The extent to which you’re currently living and working in harmony with your motivational skills and values

What parts of your life feed your soul

… all with the goal of making meaningful choices and changes in your life and career.

Bonus: An additional half-hour call to discuss your progress to be scheduled 15 days after the initial session.