Your Executive Toolbox

Could your professional identity use a tune-up?

Could your professional identity use a tune-up? Renowned career coach – and Mindful Career Buidling co-founder – Kathy Simmons can help you create resume, executive biography and LinkedIn profile that communicates your value in a clear and compelling way and helps you stand out from the crowd so you can land your next dream job.


Read on below for some information about the importance of each of your key documents – or click here to schedule a complimentary review with Kathy. You will walk away with some actionable pointers and, if desired, a proposal for your consideration.


The job of resume is to get you the interview for a specific opportunity.

If you think of your job search like a product launch, you (and your documents!) need to reflect what you bring to the table and the problem(s) you solve.

Executive recruiters and search firms will be looking for ‘product specs’ that align with the ‘job specs’ they’re searching for – so your resume needs to be written with them, and your desired position, in mind.

We can help you create a storyline that differentiates you in a meaningful way and leads them to the conclusion you want them to reach: that you are an ideal candidate worthy of an interview.

Executive Bio

In go-to-market strategy you need to target executive search. Networking is the most effective channel to do this but unless you have a specific ask of your connections, you won’t have good results.

In the context of an executive search it doesn’t make sense to lead with your resume because there is no specific position as yet. Rather, you need to speak to the value you provide at a higher level – which is what your executive bio (aka ‘brochure’) is designed to do.

LinkedIn Profile

Your profile is the hybrid of both your resume and executive bio. The summary is the brochure and your career experience the ‘product spec’.

On LinkedIn the goal is twofold: being found by an algorithm and engaging the humans that see your page. In your profile, you want to speak to them in a conversational style that makes them want to reach out to you.

By coordinating all three tools, keeping them consistent in your branding and positioning, they will each have different styles and uses in your Executive Search.

The entire suite of documents will empower you to handle all these channels in the optimal way to land you the position you want with the organization that fits your values and goals.